Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saving thousands using cloth!

Who knew one little baby tush could be so expensive?  Since you've been looking into cloth diapering your baby I'm sure you've heard about how one little baby will go through 8000 disposable diapers before potty training age. That would look a little something like this!

Just think, this is all from just one little baby. Not to mention that each one of these diapers take 400 years to decompose! It's enough to leave you speechless.

This is how the math works out!  Buying 8000 of your lowest priced disposable diaper (Parents Choice at $0.14 per diaper) you're looking at spending $1120.  If you buy higher end disposable diaper (Pampers at $0.33 per diaper) you'll spend upwards of $2640. 

Acquiring a "stash" of cloth diapers can cost as little as $234 (using 24 newborn prefolds and 6 onesize covers, 12 wipes, a set each of small, medium, and large size prefolds) and if you choose to go with something a little "fancier" and a little more "user friendly" you could spend as little as $575 for 36 onesize pocket diapers at $15.95 each.

The upfront cost of cloth can seem to be very high and might make some shy away from cloth. Especially when you think of it being an addition to all of the other things that a new baby already needs.  However, in the end you're saving so much more than your spending.  As you can see using cloth can save you anywhere from $1000 - $2400 per child.  Plus, a stash of cloth diapers can be used for more than one child and/or can be resold for up to 70% of their value. 

What will you do with all that extra cash?  Maybe some extra spending money for a family trip? or simply catching up on bills?  Whatever you choose to do with the extra money, it will certainly be more useful than throwing it away on diapers that will sit and rot for 400 years in our landfills. Even if you aren't an "environmentalist", per say, you can certainly see the benefit that using cloth has on our environment.

Happy Cloth Diapering,