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Reviews and Giveaways -  I will only do reviews and giveaways for products that are baby safe, mom friendly, and ones that I believe in.  If the product submitted for review is something I personally do not believe in or I feel is not baby safe I will respectfully decline and give you detailed reasons as to why. I will do my best to look over your product online in an attempt to avoid this problem from arising. Products submitted for review cannot be returned whether I agree to do the review or not.

When writing the review I will obtain information about your product from: your website, any information about your company and/or product that you personally send, and my own experience with the product.  Since my reviews are 100% based on my own experiences with your products the review will include my positive experiences as well as constructive feedback, a fundamentally negative review will never be posted.  If for any reason I am not satisfied with your product I will contact you so that it can be discussed in private. After submitting your product please allow 1 month for completion of a full review. I will do everything within my power to complete it in one month.  However, if for any reason more time is needed I will discuss this with you. 

My final review of your product cannot and will not be influenced by whether you advertise with on my blog or not, or by any other means.

Products that I will consider for review and giveaway include but are not limited to: baby clothing, cloth diapers, cloth diapering products, baby care products, baby carriers, nursing covers, toys, WAHM made items, bibs, blankets, Eco-friendly items,  or homeschooling related items.  Although my blog may be focused around baby items I am always interested in other items that are mom friendly.

You may be wondering: Since I own my own company that sells baby items (including my own line of cloth diapers, baby accessories, hand-made slings, and more), can I give an unbias review of your product?  The answer is as simple as Yes!  As much as I believe in and love my own line of products I also believe that there are a lot of other really great products on the market.  My intent in doing reviews is to help all my readers find products that will work best for their family.  My reviews will be fair and will not be compared to any of my products, any other products I use, or other products that I have reviewed. The review will be based 100% on my personal experience with your product.

What I Need:  To do just a review of your product I will need 1 of each item you'd like reviewed.  For a review and giveaway I will need 2 of each items you'd like reviewed.  In some cases (such as customized giveaway items from WAHM's) the giveaway item can be sent out by you once a winner has been drawn.  Items sent out by you (if it is a handmade custom item) should take no longer than two weeks from the ending date of the raffle to be mailed to the winner. For a giveaways only I will need 1 product for the actual giveaway.

Giveaway winners will be chosen by and can include any number of different entry options.

If you are interested in doing a review, review and giveaway, just a giveaway, or for an advertising spot please complete the form below.  I will get back to you ASAP.

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