Friday, December 14, 2012

Bums Away Baby Dryer Ball Giveaway

Bums Away Baby is an Etsy shop owned by Sianna Rose an army wife and mother of one precious little boy. Sianna has been sewing since a young age which came in handy when her son was born.  In addition to using her sewing skills to create many different projects she began making her own cloth diaper safe rash cream and wipe solution. Not long after that she decided to share these with others.  It was something she could work on in downtime doing something she loved and others could use her products as well.

I recently had the opportunity to try Bums Away Baby Dryer Balls and Caribbean Fruit Smoothie Wipe Bits.  I was very impressed with the marbled look of the dryer balls but more importantly the quality. They are tightly woven and felted enough that they last dry after dry. I added fragrance to the dryer balls and loved the scent left on my clothing.  It was not an overpowering left over scent but it was noticeable and pleasant. I've always been one to use dryer sheets although because I didn't think I would get the same outcome with dryer balls.  However, I can say that I love using them more than my dryer sheets and have given my dryer sheets to my mom, who now wants a set of dryer balls for herself.

At the same time I decided to purchase a jar of Wipe Bits.  I use a spray bottle for my wipe solution and up until now I have been making up my own concoction of baby oil, water, Tea Tree Oil, and baby soap.  So you can imagine how frustrating it was when it was the middle of the night and I had used the last of it up and either had to make up more or I had to make more up first thing in the morning.  Which of course resulted in my getting my sons diaper off and reaching for the bottle just to find out I was out.

With Bums Away Baby Wipe Bits I tried using 1 bit then using 2 bits by putting them in my spray bottle then adding hot water.  I didn't notice a signifigant difference between using 1 or 2 bits so since my initial experiment I've only used 1 at a time. Once the bit has been put in warm/hot water you'll notice that it dissolves very quickly. The scent was pleasant but not over powering.  The best thing about this wipe solution is that he was clean, he smelled clean even slightly yummy, it didn't leave any soapy residue on his skin, and the scents did not irritate his skin.  A jar of 25 bits is only $4.50 and they will last you a long time depending on the age of your baby and how many diaper changes you do a day. I cannot wait to use these up so that I can try some of her other scents!  Head over to Bums Away Baby to check Sianna's shop for yourself. You can also follow Bums Away Baby on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Sianna has generously offered a set of three dryer balls and a jar of wipe bits to one lucky winner!

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    1. Yes this is why I HATE rafflecopter the entry form disappears alot! If you click on the words in blue that say "a Rafflecopter giveaway" it will take you to the entry form! I am thrilled to say I was finally accepted with Giveaway Tools so future events will go much more smoothly!