Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Padded Patootie - Sponsor

Padded Patootie is an online Etsy shop where I found some adorable little cloth diapers! Michelle is a work at home mom of two who makes all her diapers herself, in her home, in Washington. When her son was just a baby Michelle struggled finding a diaper that wouldn't leak when her son laid on his side and stomach. Therefore, she decided to utilize her 25 years of sewing experience and try her hand at making her own diapers. After many comments and compliments about the quality of her diapers from family and friends, Michelle considered opening a shop of her own. At this time her little one was just learning to walk and she and her husband noticed that he didn't seem to mind the frequent falls. They joked how it must have been all all the padding keeping him from feeling the effects of the fall. With this Padded Patootie was born.  Since then Michelle has let her faith in God and her joy of crafting these little diapers guide her in her diaper making.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when Michelle said she'd join our upcoming Merry Fluffy Christmas Blog Hop.  In a couple weeks you'll also be also seeing my review of Michelle's Padded Patootie diapers after being well tested by my little guy. Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy as well as her shop on Hyena Cart for yourself and see some of the adorable creations she's come up with. If you have a little girl you'll fall in love with her detachable ruffle diapers.  Also, you can get a jump on our Giveaway and join her on Facebook to see what Michelle has coming for Christmas!


  1. I went to her Etsy shop and love the prints! The pink guitar one is the cutest! :)

  2. I love the Detachable Ruffle Padded Patootie offers. Adorable!

  3. Just visited her Etsy shop - love those detachable ruffles... wish I had a girl to put them on :) My little guy would look pretty cute in that dino camo diaper though!

    1. Those ruffles are killing me too I really need a little girl next! :)

  4. I love her Grinch diaper! I also like her blue guitars for an everyday diaper!
    and I LOVE her ruffles!