Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holden's Landing - Sponsor Spotlight

I am so thrilled to be able to bring to all of you one of my favorite WAHM's for this event!  I currently have three of her diapers and I love them all. I ran across this shop one day when I was just playing around on Etsy.  What initially caught my eye was the uniqueness of Bonnie's diapers! Bonnie has been making diapers since 2004 and her company is named after her son Holden who is her inspiration for her diapers.  She began making cloth diapers for her son while she was pregnant and it gave her a chance to be creative while also being able to cloth diaper her new baby.  As you read on you'll see why I think Holden's Landing Diapers are so special and a must for every diaper collection!

 Holden's Landing diapers are hand-dyed creations by Bonnie.  She has truly mastered blending her colors to make the most beautiful diapers. Bonnie's diapers and inserts are made out of velvety soft velour.  You have a choice of getting an AI2 (with hidden pul) that come with 2 soaker pads or a Bedbug (without pul) and comes with 3 inserts (two long inserts and one small one that can be put up front for a boy or towards the center for a girl).  I have both her AI2's and a Bedbug and I do not have any leaking issues ever with her diapers.  The Bedbug will eventually become wet to the touch but it takes more than 10 hours for this to happen and my son is a very heavy wetter.  I would guess that the average baby could go coverless for 12 hours with the Bedbug.

But it doesn't stop here!  Bonnie also does Custom Embroidery diapers.  She has a gift of taking your idea and making it come to life on cloth. Simply give her any theme or idea and she will provide you with sample ideas to choose from or you can let her surprise you.  I let her surprise me and I was so amazed when I saw the final creation!  It's still and always will be my favorite diaper.  She can customize a diaper to where you can choose the colors of your diaper and even thread colors used on the picture you've chosen. Bonnie is a true artist and you'll never be disappointed!

She has the most adorable section in her shop called "Menagerie" where you'll find some of the most adorable cloth animals!
If you aren't completely amazed yet look what else is going on over at Holden's Landing
 I suggest you head over to Holden's Landing to check her out! She has a shop on Etsy, on Hyena,and she also has a Main Site where you can get more information about her diapers and your options.

You can get a jump start on the Giveaway and join her Facebook. Be sure to check out her photo section to see more of her amazing creations. Tell me which is your favorite in the comments below! 

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