Monday, November 5, 2012

Hotslings Review

For the past few weeks I have been testing out a Hotslings adjustable pouch sling in Moonlit Sky print. Hotslings come in 10 different gorgeous fabrics which are sure to please any mom. Hotslings are meant for babies 8lbs (Newborn size) - 6+ months. Taj is 9 months and the hip position worked great for us.

Hotslings come in two sizes Regular and Large and each size can be adjusted to four different sizes. Adjusting was very simple and easy to do.  I put Taj in it and while holding him with one hand I pulled the adjustment straps with the other hand until it was a good fit for us, Then, once I felt he was sitting safely I was able to let go and be hands free. What you'll find is that once it's adjusted you wont have to adjust it ever again.  Unless of course your weight changes. 

The first time I wore it it was for an extended period of time and never once did I feel uncomfortable in anyway.  Even more importantly Taj was very comfortable in this sling.  He was happy the entire time he was in it and never once seemed frustrated from discomfort.  The other times I used it was mostly when I was running errands.  While I was getting in and out of the car I found that it was very easy to put on and take off.  It was as simple as throwing it over my head and putting Taj into it.

Here are some of the features that Hotslings advertises you'll see my comments about each written in blue.

A-Wide Shoulder Design – Shoulder covered by pouch. - No need to worry about strain on your neck like most slings of this style.  The wide shoulder design stayed in place no matter what I did or how I moved.
Anatomy DiagramB- Red Arrow – Located on inside of pouch next to caution label. - This arrow does come in handy as there is a specific way that you'll want to wear the pouch.  The sling has this amazing little pouch that would be fabulous for a newborn baby but it also works to your benefit for larger babies.  Taj had gotten tired at one point and I was even able to pull that fabric up higher on his back to give him better support as he relaxed.  That was a major plus in my eyes since it gave him support to nap and I was able to continue what I was doing without holding up his body while he slept.
C-Buckle & Strap – Two buckles with straps infinitely adjust to give you the best Hotslings fit. - Indeed these buckles give you a very custom fit and could not be easier to adjust.
D-Good Fit Zone – Pouch should sit at belly button or slightly below. - Once you have the sling adjusted to your and your babies comfort you'll notice that it falls exactly where it needs to be.
E-Sleek Padding – Pouch is lightly padded on both sides for structure in the semi-reclined carry & added comfort in the hip carry. - The padding is just enough to be comfortable but does not add bulk and unlike others with padding it will not cause any undo heat issues.
F-Seam & “hs” Tag – Where pouch is sewn together. Use tag to align pouch & find best fit. - This helps a lot to know if you have it on in the right way or not. 

Semi Reclined Carry
Also included on Hotlings website are fabulous images showing how to get your baby in and the different ways to carry your little one depending on their size. This will come in handy but you will also get an instruction book along with your sling to help you get started.  If you still feel a little unsure if you're doing it right they have videos on their Instructions page that show exactly how to put your baby into the sling correctly.

As with all slings be sure to check out their Safety information (including a downloadable brochure) to be sure that you are using your sling correctly.  Especially when it comes to using them with newborns since they are placed in the pouch you'll want to be sure that their face has access to air at all times.

Your Hotslings Adjustable Sling comes with a great little matching pouch so that you can fold it up and easily throw it in your purse or diaper bag to have it with you and ready to use anytime.

From my experience working with Hotslings as a company I can say they have excellence customer service. If you have any questions they will more than happily work with you on it.

At the end of my reviewing the Hotslings Adjustable Sling I can say that since it has so much going for it you can't go wrong! So are you ready to check out Hotslings for yourself? Shop Now and save 10% using their promo code "FluffAddict".  This code will be good through December 31st therefore its a fantastic time to purchase this sling for a mom to be or as a Christmas gift.

In addition Hotslings is offering on free sling to one of my fabulous readers!  Be sure to check out our "It's In the Bag" Blog Hop to enter to win!