Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Year New Fluff Stash Sponsor - Spray Pal #clothdiapers

As New Year New Fluff Stash Event continues I'd like to present to you Spray Pal!

Dave and Jen are a husband and wife team who have worked for the last year perfecting this fantastic device called Spray Pal.  If you've never seen the Spray Pal in action I'd suggest you watch their demo video.  Once you see it in action you'll wonder why you don't have one!  The Spray Pal snaps into a triangle shape creating a tube to prevent back splash from spraying off your diapers.  It's near impossible to spray off a diaper without water going somewhere ... on you, on the wall, on the floor. Not only is the Spray Pal ingenious but its super easy to use.

You open the Spray Pal clip your diaper to it with the handy attached clip, snap the Spray Pal into a triangle shape and spray away.  The Spray Pal keeps dirty water from splashing all over your bathroom and allows you to get in close to spray your diaper 100% clean. Once you've gotten the diaper clean, unsnap the Spray Pal and lay the flaps down and squeeze out the excess water.  Once your diaper is clean and you've squeezed out all the excess water hold the Spray Pal over your diaper pail and drop your diaper in by unclipping it from the Spray Pal.  Never again will you have to touch a dirty wet diaper. Another great feature is that since the Spray Pal folds flat it makes for easy storage, under the sink or next to the toilet, in between uses.
For just $21.95 you can have this handy little contraption for yourself and never again have to clean up the water spray on walls and yourself after spraying off your diapers. If you'd like to purchase a Spray Pal of your very own you can get one here on Hyena Cart and don't forget to Like Spray Pal on Facebook.

Dave and Jen are generously giving away one Spray Pal away to one very lucky winner!  Special Thanks to We're Parents!? for organizing this great giveaway!

Enter now to win one for yourself! 

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  1. I've never used a diaper sprayer before, but would like to try the spray pal

  2. I've always used liners because of the fact that I didn't want to clean dirty poopsy water off my walls and floor. But I would definitely use a diaper sprayer with the Spray Pal.

  3. As of now I just throw them all in the wash "as is" so yes I could really use this.

  4. no i never used this, looks so much easier than getting my hands all dirty, would definitely use it ;)