Monday, December 17, 2012

Padded Patootie Review

I'm sure all of you remember when I first brought Padded Patootie to you a couple of weeks ago when we were preparing for our Merry Fluff Christmas Event.  I am so excited to be able to tell you about my experience with a Padded Pattotie AIO Diaper. As you can see in the first picture below even Taj was excited to get this diaper on his tush!

Padded Patootie diapers have a Cotton Velour lining and beneath the lining is a layer of bamboo fleece. The sewn in insert is made up of one layer heavy weight Bamboo Fleece that is in between two layers of Cotton Velour. The snap-in insert is also made up of one layer heavy weight Bamboo Fleece that is in between two layers of regular weight Bamboo Fleece.  This gives you 8 layers of absorbency or 5 layers without the snap-in insert. The snap-in insert can be folded to the front of the diaper for boys or lay flat for girls. Folding this towards the front for boys gives you 11 layers of protection.

Some of my favorite features of this diaper are:

  • Three snap down rows for sizing unlike the usual 2 rows of snaps
  • Overlapping waste snaps for a snug fit
  • Inner PUL boundary (notice the green PUL inside the diaper) 
  • Eight layers of absorbency 
  • Soft bamboo fleece lining in the diaper and the inserts
  • Sewn in soaker
  • Extra-snap-in insert (Snap-In insert has color coordinating snaps so you know what to snap to what)
  • Diaper arrives pretty much prepped
  • Adorable colorful matching snaps
You'll notice the nice fit that I was able to get with this diaper.  I had no problem with his chunkish thighs, no wing droop, and his butt looks adorable in it!  
Since this diaper is made using a mix of PUL and a cotton outer with hidden PUL I was expecting to have a lot of problems with wicking.  However, the nifty PUL boundary on the inside of the diaper definitely helps delay any leaking.

Another wonderful thing about Padded Patootie's is that Michelle washes her fabrics several times to prep them. Therefore, you could put it directly on your baby and it would be ready to go. No need to wash and dry it multiple times before I was able to enjoy using the diaper.

I couldn't wait to try it out and of course as you know its got to be a good diaper when your baby poops in the first time wearing it and within minutes!  And yes he did!! However, I was still able to fully test this diaper on multiple occasions when we were out running errands, during naps, during his everyday playtime routine, and overnight. I also tried it with and without the extra snap-in insert during the same occasions.

Taj was able to wear this diaper for 8 hours before there was any wicking when using the snap-in booster. He could go 4-5 without the snap-in booster. We had nothing but a great experience when it came to naps and outings. However, we couldn't last the full 12 hours overnight. I coupled it with fleece longies and he was able to last all night without waking up wet. Wool shorties or longies would also work if its not lasting all night for you. Keep in mind Taj is a heavy wetter so your experience might be completely different from mine.

This diaper makes it to every wash load now because its one of my favorites.  I don't have to worry if its close to naptime or if we have to leave to go do something because I know this diaper won't fail me. It's my opinion that everyone needs a Padded Patootie in their life! You can head over and check her out on Hyena and Etsy! Trust me its a hard decision because her diapers are all so very adorable.  If you have a little  girl, I know you won't be able to live without one of her ruffle butt diapers.  Personally, I'm hoping for a girl in the future so that I can get one for myself ... ummm I mean get one for my little girl!! Also, join Padded Patootie on Facebook so that you can keep up with her newest fabric selections, sales, and specials.

**All Christmas Themed Padded Patootie diapers are 20% off now through 12/24 while supplies last!  Rumor is theres only a couple left so hurry over and grab yours!

I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided the above diaper in order for me to facilitate this review. All opinions in this post are my own. 

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