Monday, October 1, 2012

Homeschool Mondays

Homeschool Mondays

For the past 7 years I've used Calvert School for my homeschooling lesson plans. With their 100+ years of experience I feel that they have the very best program available.  

When your school box arrives it contains everything you will need for the entire year.  Calvert's full curriculum packages include textbooks, workbooks, lesson manuals, and supplies (including lined paper, pencils, an eraser, a ruler, a protractor, a compass, drawing materials) – everything needed to complete that year’s lessons.

Calvert's complete curriculum, covers the three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic) as well as science, art, history, geography, music, technology, as well as a lot of other other areas of learning to ensure that my children are getting a well rounded curriculum. The lesson plans are written out in such great detail that it literally tells you word for word what to say.

Calvert is so well set up that I don't spend time, that I would normally spend with my family, researching and writing lesson plans.

My favorite thing about homeschooling, in comparison to traditional school, is that if your child excels at a subject you can quickly move on and if they need more help you can spend that time working with them until they are ready to move on.  In a classroom setting teachers don't have that luxury, they have 19 plus students that are ready to move on. So, basically, there are holes left in your child's education. With my oldest we wouldn't find out for months that he had been struggling with a new concept and if we had known we could have worked with him on it right away.  By the time the teacher would call us in to discuss it with us our son no longer had an interest in going backwards to learn what his teacher had just let him bypass and move on.

I am sure all of you agree, whether homeschool is for you or not, that its so great that we as moms have so many opportunities to do what we feel is best for our family. I would love to hear your thoughts on homeschooling or traditional school so please leave your comment below.

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