Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet Taj

 Meet Taj (aka Tajo) My Number 1 (and only) Diaper Tester

As I dive into my new adventure of blogging about fluff and more I thought it'd be nice for all of you to meet Taj, my little diaper tester.

Taj (my handsome son)

Age: 8 months

Weight: 22 lbs

Wetting Habits: Initially I was in cloth heaven.  I had read so much about how hard it was to find "nighttime solutions".  It seemed like cloth was a perfect fit for us since we never had a leaked day or night.  Then all of a sudden around 5 months just over night he became a heavy wetter. I tried all kinds of different insert combinations.  It seemed no matter what I tried he leaked.  Nights he looked ridiculous his butt was so big I couldn't imagine it would even be comfortable for him since the poor baby could barely roll over in it.  First I tried taking my largest pockets and stuffing them with 3 or 4 inserts and still he'd wake up wet.  Then I decided that I needed to try wool with fitteds.  I found this fabulous WAHM that made the most adorable Wool Shorties out of upcycled sweaters.  I still love my wool, however, at this time in my life I don't seem to have the time or patience for their maintenance.  I still use my wool but not nightly.  I finally found a solution and it was as simple as this, a prefold and cover.  It's super trim, as you can see below, and we have not had one leak in 2 months.  I am going to continue my search for great "nighttime solutions", so when I find another nighttime solution I'll be sure to let you know!

Current Hobbies:  He has what I call "a crippled crawl".  Literally he crawls with a limp.  He is just dying to be up and walking and although he's close.... no dice!  He walks all over the house as long as he can hang onto something. Just this week he's starting to stand without holding on to anything.  No worries his crippled crawl doesn't slow him down any.  He still has no problem getting into anything and everything.... of mine that is!  He starts out with his toys and once he's thrown them all out of the toy bin he's onto bigger and better thing.  His favorite thing to do is open my drawers and pull everything out!  While I am busy running around cleaning he's right  behind me crawling at super speed to keep up.  I take pity on him when I can and tote him along with me.

Nighttime Sleep Habits:  Unfortunately, he has my bad sleeping habits.  I have had the hardest time sleeping as long as I can remember and poor Taj is the same way!  He sleeps very restless.  I start out with good intentions of him sleeping in his crib. I would put him in his crib he'd wake up I'd put him back to sleep and it'd start all over again.  I was up and down all night and barely able to function the next day.  Although he still has trouble sleeping he has worn me down and now when he wakes I just bring him to bed with us. His crib is in our bedroom and within an hour he's up and the only way he'll sleep now is to co-sleep with us.  Yes I know its just become a habit for him but we don't mind. 


One of my many favorite things about Taj is how sweet and happy he is. I guess technically that's two things. While we are busy with our day no matter if we are playing together or each busy doing our own thing (he's busy playing and I'm cleaning, working, or taking care of our other kiddos) Taj will look at me and give me the biggest and best little smile!  Just when I think I can't love him anymore he manages to make my heart love him more. 


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