Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Washin' Wednesday

Today was one of my cloth diaper washing days.  Typically I wash every 2 days, 3 if I'm being lazy. This week I'm right on schedule!

Initially when I started cloth diapering Taj I started with All Free and Clear Powder.  Honestly I've never really had problems.  I didn't have build up, I didn't strip my diapers, I didn't have staining (and I never ever sun my diapers), and I never had an ammonia build up.

Even before I began blogging I was into testing different products trying to see what works the very best.  So I decided to try All Free and Clear Liquid to see if I had the same results. I did not!!  I started having horrible build up and spent three days washing the death out of my diapers to get all of the soap out of it.  Not to mention I was having problems with the evil "S" word STINK.

After some major stripping I switched back to my All Free and Clear Powder.  Everything was gold again!

After attending the GCDC this year I received some Eco-Nuts and a package of ECOVER.  I will say they both seemed to clean my diapers with no issues but its hard to tell much from one wash cycle.  I might someday look into doing a long term review of these.

Most recently I decided I wanted to try Tide since so many just love it.  Just like the All Free and Clear Liquid, after just a few washes I again started having stink and build up.  I even had slight staining on one of my inserts, a  major downside for me. After another three days stripping the death out of my diapers, needless to say, I will not be using Tide again.

Currently I am reviewing Rockin' Green Soap. I will say that my first impression is good.  The one thing about cloth diaper laundry that I've never liked is that everything smells so blah.  I will say I am hopeful because Rockin' Green smells so yummy..  Stay tuned for the upcoming Rockin' Green Review and Giveaway.

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